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Below is a brief run down to help out when choosing a stove and having an installation undertaken

Installation checklist

1. Always get an engineer out to do a survey before you start - getting your hopes up on the type of install you desire and then finding out you can’t have what you want can be disappointing. A good engineer can let you know what size appliance you can have and that will fit into the existing chimney system. If you are having a new flue system installed then it may end up in a different position then you wanted it to be - Building regulations can be mean:) as we have to make sure it terminates correctly to discharge the products of combustion safely into the atmosphere without causing a nuisance to you or your neighbour.

2. Big isn’t always best - make sure that your appliance is correctly sized for your space and needs so that you can use it efficiently which will help on fuel consumption and keeping your bills low. Other factors including distances from combustibles and non combustibles will also determine your stove selection. Be aware of cheap and sub standard stoves they will not save you anything in the long run.

3. Do your research - ask questions - let the engineer know exactly what you hope to achieve - what type of finish you want inside the opening  also decorating options (Papering the wall may not be suitable for some wood burning appliances as the heat will cause it to lift) Using light limestone or marble as a hearth be aware as it may stain or discolour with use.

4. Make sure you use a reputable firm - all our engineers are qualified to undertake the work we carry out - always ask for a GAS safe or HETAS identification card - Always make sure you will be left with an appropriate certificate after any works have been completed.

5. There will be dust !! And sometimes even soot - make sure you remove anything small and breakable or valuable/electrical from the room on the day - cover everything you can with sheets - we will bring sheets with us but its better to be safe then sorry. Ideally it would be better to pull back any carpets so allow room to do so if required.

6. Chimney sweep and pressure testing - all installations must have this done before any works begin - we do it as par course during the installation. Failure to sweep the chimney and remove any soot could help corrode the liner and reduce its life significantly. Also not pressure testing a chimney when not using a liner will leave you at the mercy of carbon monoxide poisoning and chimney fires from soot build up in confined and hard to reach spots.

7. Rubbish - All rubbish is bagged and left on site. You will be amazed how much rubble and bricks can appear out of such a small opening we would always advise to get a small skip or we can remove it for a small charge.

8. Fuel Storage - Where will you keep your wood/smokeless fuel? Remember it has to be kept dry and ventilated and also be accessible on the dark cold winter nights

9. Goods - We will give an unbiased opinion on all appliances whether we supply them or not - we will happily install your own appliance/goods if required but be aware we do not provide a guarantee and you will have to refer to the manufacturer if any problems/defects.

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