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It all comes down to the draught on your chimney and also due to installation/poor fuel

Why am i getting through so much fuel?

All stoves should have a working draught reading on average of between 12-24 pascals too low and there isnt enough flue draught to clear the products of combustion which could lead to smoke coming into the room and even carbon monoxide poisoning - too high and you will find that your appliance will be burning fuel quicker making it less efficient and costly.

You also need HEAT inside the chimney. The gases inside the chimney must stay VERY hot, or they will not rise. Although a small length (up to about 1m) of uninsulated flue pipe may be acceptable directly from a stove, the entire length of the chimney above must be insulated, typically by thick masonry around an insulated ceramic liner or using prefabricated insulated components. Large voids inside the chimney/flue mean a large area of masonry to cool down the gases, especially if their outer surface is outside the building and exposed to the cold. Efficient modern stoves release less heat into the flue and need especially strict attention to the chimney.(It has to be correctly sized for the appliance and building regulations)

The best way to correct too low a draught is either to make your chimney higher or reduce the internal size(install a flue liner) - insulation - more ventilation  or to use an appropriate cowl

Too much draught is best dealt with a draught stabaliser(which must be fitted with an air vent ) or an appropriate cowl - or even both in some circumstances

Call us if you would like us to sweep and test your chimney - with rising fuel costs having your appliance running efficiently and as cost effective as possible will pay in the long run

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